Friday, September 16, 2011

Mow or Not to Mow...

So I had planned on mowing the yard today, but when I went to get both of the mowers; we have a riding mower and push mower, I noticed we had no gas.  I was going to get lippy with my husband on why we didn't have gas in the can.  Then I realized we haven't had to mow our yard for over a month.  It has been really dry in Ohio, and just recently started to rain again a week ago.  So I had to save my lippiness this tim around, because it really wasn't his fault there was no gas.  I mean we really didn't need it for anything, right?
Anyway, so Greg brings the kids home after taking them to Waco Air field.  I ask him to go get gas for me so I can mow.  He does.  He comes back and says, "okay you gonna mow now?"  I said "yeah, but it is nap time for the kids now, and I think I am going to take a nap too."  "Wanna come?"  Of course my husband, and probably any man would think I was insenuating an afternoon delight.  I was not!  I was actually ready to just lie down and get comfy and warm in my bed....without being manhandled.

So, nap is over now, and I should be mowing the yard, but who is out there mowing?  You guessed it, my darling husband. So I guess I basically insinuated to him that our yard needs mowed, and that I was going to do it, if he got the gas for me.  BUT what that really meant was, "Honey, the yard needs mowed, can you get on that?"

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